Make a Real Difference

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and build a better ONLINE presence

Make a Real Difference

20 consecutive days program,
helping your business be more visible

This program is dedicated to local small businesses (Greater Toronto Area). Within a short period of time, you can have your beautiful website built, optimized for mobiles, integrated with social media, and optimized in Google searches. It would help your business to be more visible, more reliable and more professional. Sometimes you need much more than a website: marketing materials, case studies, catalogues, ads, presentations, video tutorials, or professional photos. Everything is possible!

Show your clients that you care


Start using your online presence as the marketing tool

That your business is alive, prospering and taking advantage of new technologies. That you are interested in making your business easily accessible.


And convert all your marketing materials into digital version. Show your products online and place all useful information you need to tell every client about what you are offering. Once it is done you can save your time in the future!

Why choose a

Make a Real Difference

(MARD) program?

First try to answer these questions to understand why this program is so effective.

  • Q: Are you a graphic/web designer?

    A: Probably not, but this program is to help you in all your design needs. You just hire a
    professional, experienced and award winning designer and advisor for a short period of time
    at an affordable price.

  • Q: Do you remember what happened one month ago or even one week ago?

    A: Probably not even if you are a genius. But during these 20 consecutive business days, you can’t loose your train of thoughts. Everyday contact with your designer and advisor helps you to organize your assets and specify your needs and wants. Communication between us is key to success. I need to know what you accept and what changes you want to provide to make this program come true.

  • Q: Do you postpone your tasks and constantly feel a heavy burden because of it?

    A: Human beings are similar to each other. You need to have a deadline to complete the challenge. But the schedule should be realistic. I’m not a wizard, but I can help you to plan day after day what we can achieve together and what is the goal. If we spend less time than was scheduled, we can do something more in the remaining duration of a program: more search engine optimization (SEO), complimentary marketing materials related to the website’s visual.

  • Q: Do you think your business could be more profitable?

    A: I hope so. That is the reason I want you to be interested in my services. Imagine that you can gain 5-10% more income only because you have a better website, more organized, eye-catchy, with a clear message for your clients. Is it worth to invest the money? Of course you invest also your commitment and time, but in the future you will save much more because of that.

Do you qualify for the program?

Probably yes, if you agree that:

Your business is growing and needs a more contemporary look.

You decided to get more help to digitize, with online options.

Your business is located in Toronto or nearby (exceptions acceptable, but you need to ask).

You have a static website created a couple of years ago
or you still don’t
have one.

Please note that the Make a Real Difference (MARD) program is an
action < > reaction

type of a process and to make it successful, designer’s commitment is not enough!

Are you still interested
and want to know more details?

Please leave us your name and e-mail address to download a MARD Guide for clients & much more for free. In return, we will add your e-mail address to our mailing list and will let you know about our promotions and news.

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